to whom it may concern

Car payment or I lose the car
Court, could lose license, as a result, loss my job
Bills (electric, internet, I Pass debt)
The weight of bringing another life into the world
My body hurts everyday/does things I can’t control
No family
No friends
No smoking to relieve stress (either kind)
No drinking
Ovaries: Best case- repeatedly have surgery to remove cysts for the rest of my life
Ovaries: Worst case- complicate birth to the point that I could die/ could be cancerous/ forced late term abortion/ damage to Corncob
All the possible problems with Corncob: downs, CF, autism, etc.
Work. Everyday.
And now on top of that: no one to share the load.

One of these days I’m going to fucking break. If not for Corncob…


boys like ’ you only play games to get boys to like you!!!! youre not a real fan’

ah yes when i was five years old and i started playing on a n64 all i could think of was ‘im going to get so much dick for this’

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